This is not only a speaker
This is your new companion

Boom Boom is not only convenient. He’s your partner. For real.

Simple is not enough. This little thing actually talks to you.

Oh. And you can carry it with you everywhere from your room to the globe.

Your take.

Anyway, it will always be there for you.

It was meant to be.


Boom Boom gently talks to you
in your favorite language


With 15h of play time, you’re good to go
Boom Boom will ask you for charging

Turn it on, and smile like a child.
Just like that.

Really good sound is pure magic. We mean it.

Have you ever smiled listening to your favorite song ?

Have you ever shared a coffee miles away from each other ?

That’s the magic we’re talking about : pure invisible bonds.


Boom Boom is small but sounds huge
Trust us on this one


Your calls sound like never before
Skype, Hangout, FaceTime or phone

Designed for the beauty of your ears
by Mathieu Lehanneur

Boom Boom is different from the sound boxes you already know.

It looks different. It feels different. We’re well aware of it.

Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur with beauty, simplicity and amazing sound quality in mind,
everything about Boom Boom is carefully meant to be special.

Just like you.

Let it charm you and enjoy emotions.
It’s that simple. That’s enough.

We worked hard to keep it simple.

Because we don’t want you to struggle with some useless instruction manual.

What we want is you to relax and enjoy Boom Boom, in any way you please.

One touch is all you need.


Connect seamlessly using Bluetooth

Plug Boom Boom like a headphone if you prefer
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